Aqua Logistics Pte. Ltd. has been in the marine and offshore industry since 1989. We supply a wide variety of high quality marine equipment, specializing in the design and manufacture of doors, hatches, windows and scuttles, etc.

Our extensive network covers various parts of the world, including South East Asia, India, Middle East, Europe and South America. Our main office in Singapore is located in Bukit Batok and manufacturing workshop consisting of 80 staffs is located in Malaysia. To meet the ever strigent standards, our engineering staffs have combined decades of experience with today's engineering technologies.

Aqua Logistics is dedicated to providing the best and most up-to-date equipment, customized to meet all required specifications and regulations requested by our clients.

We are also proud to be the South East Asia Agent for the following companies:

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Hanla Products- Level Instruments


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Bohamet - Fire Rated WT/WEAT Doors, Windows, Glass, Wipers


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Hydroster - Hydraulic Watertight Sliding Doors, Rotary Vane Steering Gears & Hydraulic Drives


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Samjoo - Galley & Kitchen Equipment, Waste Disposal


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Bergaflex- Sunscreen